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After getting my entrance band and my Glencairn glass (it must be my hundredths gass) I took the stairs to the next floor and ran directly into the booth of the organiser, the Single Cask Collection. Wolfgang Turnhofer geeted me as soon as he saw me- as he did before in the lobby.

I met him back in February at the Munich Finest Spirits Festival where I got a neck strap fom him, where a nosing glass could be fixed. A very useful invention for the ordinary venue visitor, much more for someone like me who wants to notorious write down anything and has only two hands.

Right after we met and greeted each other he asked me, what kind of dram I want to taste. I went for the “Teeling 13yo” from Ireland. It’s probably the first Irish Whiskey bottled at cask strength. Anyone familiar with the Irish distilleries will notice, that the Teeling distillery is way, way too young to be the origin of this Whisky.

Well, technically it’s a Teeling, but from the Cooley distillery, as this distillery used that particular name for some of their Whiskeys. It’s quite a fine Whiskey and I had the opportunity to taste it again shortly after, as Alexander Huprich chose this Whiskey as Starter at his Masterclass. Doesn’t matter, I wanted to start with an Irish Whiskey and this one was quite delicious.

At the Masterclass Alexander presented five Whisk(e)ys and a Rum. I’m not much of a Rum guy, but I liked that one very much. I decided to buy one at the booth afterwards, but guess what, I forgot. So I have to order it over the Webshop from them, no big deal (I hope they have it still in stock). But on the other hand I had lots of things to carry back to Vienna, besides the ton of information I gathered, eventually there was even no space left in my backpack. So no big deal.

In the end I’d like to thank the organiser of this venue. There are two ways how drams are poured. One involves lots of pocket money, because you have to pay every dram. The other way is, you pay it upfront with the entrance fee, at the booths you just get the spirit. Better for the visitors, as it is mostly cheaper than the first option, but not everybody knows his or hers limitations. This is the reason for lots of venues to elect option one.

I always try to get some pocket money from my bank a few days prior to a venue, but I fail miserably to do so. Always. So typically I’m at the venue with just a few coins in my pocket but lots of paper money. On the other hand, nearly evey vendor just pours me a dram for free, when they recognise that I’m a Whisky blogger and not just a normal customer. I’d like to thank everybody who already poured me some free drams as well as everyone who will.

The Single Cask Collection decided to take a slighly different approach as they used a jeton system. 1 € equals 1 jeton. You could buy them easily at the entrance and if you bought too much you could easily get a refund there too. The vendors get their money directly from the organisator and alcohol induced incidents could be minimised (unfortunally you can’t prevent them completely).

Slàinte, Lukas

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