Not long ago I got an email from the PR agency of the FSF in Munich. That made me think. Of course I was thinking about going to Munich in late January 2018, but on the other hand our midterm finals start just two days before the FSF18. Also, I neglected my blog the past few months quite much. I wrote you back in August, that a lot is happening on my side. Now I took the hint from the PR agency “storykitchen” to sit down and restart my blog.

The past few months since my last article here were full of new impressions and lots of learning. I decided to go back to university. Well, not exactly back, as this might imply that I already studied in the past. Technically I was, at least kind of, but that’s not the point. The point is, that I decided to leave my well paid and safe job to pursue what I really love. No, I’m not studying Whisky (is there even a course for that?) but my other passion. I started to study theology.

I know that I’ve reached a intersection here. Some of you might approve, some might not. But before you jump to any conclusions or worse, think about it for a moment. You might know me personally, then this revelation – see my studies already work 😉 – might not be that big of a suprise. If you know me only via Internet, you might or might not be suprisesd. I just ask you to keep an open mind. I know people from “both sides”, but what unites us across any borders t

But back to the topic at hand. Michael and I tried over at our photo blog to post an article once a week. In addition we post on Saturdays our “Picture of the week”. But this stopped, as soon as I started my studies. I just didn’t had the time for it. A few days back a fellow student of mine just told me, that she agreed to write an article for an online magazine once a month and she is stressed about it most of the time, besides her studies. That made me thinking. If you work for an online magazine or something (with lots of people writing), even once a week might be very little. But I’m here a) on my own, b) I do it out of love for “the thing”, c) don’t earn any money with it (it even costs me money, something I despratly need as a student) and d) I’m trying to balance learning, beeing at the university, having some sort of social life (that’s the part where Whisky is involved) and of course: sleeping! So I decided for now it must suffice to post once a month. Maybe more often, but that might or might not happen 🙂

But I completley digress. The Finest Spirits Festival in Munich (unfortunatley the “test” in Vienna wasn’t very succesful) is a very succesful event not only for those among you that love Whisky but also Vodka, Gin, and other alcoholic but also edible stuff. And other stuff (remember my article about my pen from Woodys? No, here you go) of course! This year it will open their gates (as it was in the last years) in the MVG museum from January 26th to the 28th (Fri – Sun). Head over to their site for more detailed information about the opening hours, how to get there and how to get a ticket.

I hope to see some of you there, would be great getting each other to know, not only over the internet. I’ll be there on Saturday, wearing my black “That Whisky Guy” shirt and probably my kilt. Last year I did this for the first time and besides the cooling effect, it was cool too 😉 We can connect over Facebook too, as I now will have cell coverage in Germany (without exorbitant high roaming data costs or the pain in the a** to get a local SIM card), thanks to the EU. Till the next time (which is probably the Whisky Advent Calendar from Marco Weber maybe he has still some in stock, if you’re interested), all the best and

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