Dear Whiskydiary

Last week I was able to attend a presentation from Moët Hennessy in Vienna. Reason for that was the new Private Edition from Glenmorangie, the Spios! Stefan and his wonderful colleague (I totally forgot her name, but I remember she was new to the Austrian branch and from France) prepared a very nice arrangement, not only the Spios but also the Ten and the Nectar d’Or as well a nice cocktail (made with the Ten) for us.

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After a short introduction from Stefan, he played us the tasting video with Dr.Bill Lumsden explaining the three Whiskys. So we tasted the Whiskys (which took us like 30 minutes or so) and then we started talking for another 2 hours. It was a very nicely done presentation of a quite different Whisky compared to the “standard range” of Glenmorangie. Now here are my tasting notes for the Spios (you might want to know, that Spios is Gaelic for Spicy…)!

Glenmorangie Private Edition No.9 – Spios

Distillery: Glenmorangie
Age: n.a.s.
Cask: exRye-Whiskey
Alcohol: 46%
Colour: dark golden
Info: n.c.a., n.c.f.

Nose: First butterscotch, also lemon and vanilla, with time there is also some cinnamon. Add a splash of water to make it even sweeter, but there will also be some oak wood then.

Palate: There is some rye, but not very dominant. But there are indeed lots of spicy flavours but still some sweetness. I dare you to add some water, then the dram becomes extremely spicy! But let it rest for a few minutes after adding the water!

Finish: Quite long and warming (with water even more)!

Overall: Well, it’s not the typical Glenmorangie, but that’s totally fine! The last two Private Editions (the Bacalta and the Milsean) were more of the style of Glenmorangie, although some say they were even too sweet. So this Whisky is a nicely composed one and with quite interesting flavours.

My rating: 22/22/22/20 = 86 out of 100.

In the second picture you can see, besides the three Whiskys, my fountain pen from Woodys as well as my new Tastingbook which I’m using when I taste Whiskys for my blog. About the pen, made from a stave of Highland Park, I already wrote an article (here, only German). How helpful the new Tastingbook is, will be an article in a few weeks! Till then, all the best and

Slainte Lukas

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