This time I got some news for all you folks in Austria (and probably Germany). If you’re more on the smooth side of Whisky, this new release is something for you. Here’s what they say about the new Tullamore D.E.W. XO Caribbean Rum Cask Finish (translation by me, all pictures Fotocredit: Tullamore D.E.W.):

It is an authentic triple blend Irish Whiskey (grain, malted barley and pot still) with a finish in Caribbean first-fill rum casks. The three different types of Whiskey (all triple distilled) where then matured in three different cask types before they were married and finished in said first-fill XO rum casks.

Generally I like Whisky matured in Rum casks. I’m generally not very fond of finishes, so let’s see what they say about the taste:

The colour is golden and amber, in the nose it should have vanilla and oak wood, also lemon, banana and spices. On the palate it should be very velvet but also full with lots of toffee and banana. Some raisins and dates should be detectable too. The finish should be long and sweet.

Sounds delicious, if that’s your type of taste. With temperatures here in Austria well over 30°C I think it could be the right Whiskey for that time. It is available in stores from now on for 29,99€ (RRP).

Till next time all the best and