Last week I attended a special tasting from the SMWS. As usual, it was held in The Highlander, a nice little pub in Vienna and we got to taste five different Whiskys from the SMWS. But this time there was more. There were five different types of Caviar involved.

Caviar you might ask, yes Caviar! Apparently, Whisky and Caviar is a thing, at least that’s what the people in Edinburgh though. I might have gotten into Chemistry 26 years ago because I’m quite curious. And it is probably the reason why I got into Whisky around 10 years ago. So naturally, I decided to follow my first intuition and booked a spot. Well, I booked two because I convinced my colleague from Highschool and Photography to tag along (btw, you still owe me that money for the tasting despite the fact you didn’t like the Caviar 😉 ).

Well, I didn’t know what to expect, to be honest, but we didn’t get the stuff I associated usually with Caviar (which are the little pure black balls which smell and taste like fish). Instead, we got really good and expensive stuff but I didn’t bother to write down the names because I was sure, that I will remember them. I wrote down one name (but wrong) beeing Royal Bearii, which was my favourite. I think there was (of course) a Beluga and then some from salmon and even trout.

It was a really interesting experience, and I found some Caviar I even like (but would not be able to afford probably, because having two expensive hobbies is enough). The Whisky or as a matter of fact the taste changes if you had some Caviar before sipping the Whisky. I did know that this can happen in conjunction with cheese, beer, chocolate or even a cigar. But in the end, I’ll probably stick with Whisky (and maybe beer or chocolate). Don’t get me wrong, it was a very fascinating and new experience and I’m happy I took the opportunity and tried it.

Till the next time, all the best and