Who am I?

Picture by Michael Abraham

My name is Lukas and I’m That Whisky Guy! My interest in Whisky started back in 2010. After booking a Tasting with the L&P Whisky Consultants my passion for Whisky was inflamed. Since then I attend various venues and events connected to Whisky. In 2015 I started a blog and in 2017 I moved here. Since my second passion is photography, my articles will have not only text but also some nice pictures added. I’m thrilled and excited to present you in the future news, curiosities and interesting things from the big and great world of Whisky! In addition to this site, I’m also on Facebook (my personal site and my Whisky site) and Instagram. I’d appreciate it if you follow me there as well!

Wishes, Improvements, Ideas?
Please send them to me! I’m looking forward to your input!

Important information

Please take your time to read my disclaimer about the consumtion and usage of alcohl!

Another thing: I’m using the word “Whisky” everytime I’m talking about Whisky in general even if it might be not 100% accurate. But I think the readability ist much higher without the “(e)” in between. If I’m talking specifically and only about (Irish, …) Whiskey I’ll use the form with “e”!